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2016 Update
Somehow, some way, another set of months has passed since the last development update. I have officially finished my University degree and have entered the wonderful world of professional software development. But that is a different story.
Toward the end of 2015, development on Metroid Remix became more inactive as both Kuro and I became preoccupied with several things in real life. However, we have gotten together since then and a fair amount's happened since the last update.

First, on the level design end of things, Kuro focused on creating the layouts for the final game – placing and updating the solids, and ironing out the exact paths players will take throughout the course of the game. At this point all of the rooms have been laid out for the release, and while they lack tiles, it is possible to run through all of the areas now.

On the engine side of things, I have focused on integrating the new areas, designing new puzzle elements, and ironing out the remaining bugs from the changeover to Game Maker studio. I am happy to say that the final release will have many new puzzle options that were not in Demo 2, along with some other mechanics.

Separately, I have created a page where you can see the live development notes that are attached to the regular changes I make to the project. These are highly technical, but help give a feel for the pulse of development. There may not be any regularity to them but I think it will be useful for those who are interested. The page is located at http://metroid-remix.com/commits.php.

Finally, Metroid Remix has an official Facebook page now! It is located at https://www.facebook.com/metroidremix/ and will be host to lighter updates than the development ones here. My goal is to have a regular social media presence by the time we get close to release, so make sure to keep an eye on both the Facebook and Twitter. Ultimately, development updates on the website will be paced at a monthly schedule, so in the meantime, here is a preview of some of the graphical updates Kuro has made.

Updated HUD
New Save Selection

Until next time.

Posted on Mar 28, 2016.

An Update
It’s been a few months since the last update, and things have been progressing on our end. I have personally begun my last university semester and so have had less time for active development on Remix, but Kuro has been working on various bits of the project during this time span and things are definitely moving forward.
As of now, the game has been ported over to Game Maker Studio and is fully playable with only a few lingering anomalies.

Unfortunately this required overhauling several entrenched systems within the game, including completely revamping the sound handling, but in the end Game Maker Studio will be a much better development platform for Remix. At the very least it has active support from YoYoGames, unlike GM8 which now suffers from several unfortunate bugs.

On the level design side of things, we have primarily been focusing on the overall ‘pathing’ for the final game over environment design at this point. All of the rooms in the game have been revamped from Demo 2, and the basics of each (solids, room connections, and item layouts) for every area have been implemented. The next steps from here include more focus on environment design and fleshing out extra puzzle specifics. This includes adding several new puzzle elements that Kuro and I have discussed that weren’t in Demo 2, but I think will be quite fun.
Ultimately, our long term goal is the have the game finished at some point next year in order to match Metroid’s 30th anniversary. It’s an ambitious goal, but I believe we can make it with the way things are moving.

On a different subject, one of the things that has absolutely delighted us has been the videos that people have posted of Metroid Remix, including let’s plays and other player run-throughs. We appreciate the work that goes into those, and it’s always great to see someone else playing the game. If you have any playthroughs of your own, feel free to post them on the forums or tweet them to @MetroidRemix.

And as always, feel free to post any thoughts, feedback, and questions on the forums. They may seem a little slow but we do check them regularly to keep an eye on things!

Posted on Oct 02, 2015.

It’s been a long time.
Metroid Remix first began back in 2011, four years ago. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long to me. The first demo was posted shortly that year, in May. About a year and a half later, we released Demo 2, and then the project went on a hiatus. I became very busy with University work along with having several other real life complications, and my communication with the team fell to nearly nothing. This project fell to the wayside, and after a long period of inactivity, a part of me became okay with that. Demo 2 was rather extensive, for a demo, and showed off our hard work to that point.

And so time marched on…

It’s been nearly three years since then, and a lot has happened in my life. I always remembered this project with Kuro though. For a time, it seemed that it would just be one more unfinished project I had once worked on. But that’s not good enough anymore.

So what’s changed?

Simply put, the community and feedback about the game that still exists now. The forums may be dead, but there have been multiple let’s plays of the game, commentaries, and occasional posts always asking about the status of the project. While it’s true I neglected the community for a long time, it’s inspiring to see people are still enjoying this game. Kuro and I have gotten back into contact with one another, and have decided together that we want to resume work on Metroid Remix in order to finish this project fully.

What does that mean for the project?

Right now, we’re both working on tweaking portions of the project from Demo 2. At the moment, the biggest piece of work is porting the source code over to Game Maker Studio, as Game Maker 8.1 has been deprecated with several grievous errors that make work very difficult. This porting process, unfortunately, is rather extensive. Progress on it has been decent, however. In the meantime, Kuro is working on updating and refreshing various graphics from Demo 2 for the full game.
After the porting process is mostly complete, we will begin work on full level development for the remainder of the game, along with engine modifications and new features. There’s a lot in the works, and I’ll be updating the website as they happen.

Programming-wise, progress will most likely be at its quickest pace until the end of August, when my final University semester begins. University work always takes precedence over my hobby projects, so things will most likely slow greatly after that. However, with any luck Kuro can finish a good amount of the raw level building during this time, even if I’m not nearly as active.
In January, I will have graduated from University and will have a similar work schedule to the one I have right now, so the pace should pick back up again.

I can’t make predictions much further out than that, as doing so is risky, but needless to say, there’ll be updates as time progresses.

Metroid Remix is back, and for good this time.

Posted on Jul 14, 2015.

Hey all, I know things have been rather quiet since our last update, and to be truthful the project has been put on the backburner for a bit. That being said, the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention is on this week, and like last year, Metroid Remix has been submitted.

To those visiting from NCFC:
Thank you for visiting! You may find out more about Remix through the about, screenshots, and video pages. The demos are available to download as well, and I would highly recommend playing the second demo over the first. Many new things were added, and the play time is significantly longer. All controls and necessary information are included in the demo pages.

Posted on Nov 12, 2012.

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